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Now you’re in charge. For a worry-free EV life, the smart ecosystem is designed to let you choose the charging solution that suits you best. With the integrated charging ecosystem – charging electric cars on your trip, at your destination, and at home is convenient and effortless.

Charging time: numbers you'll love

Customer-centric integrated charging solutions provide your vehicle with power almost everywhere you go. How long does it take to charge your electric smart? Charge your smart from 10% to 80% – either with DC super charging in under 30 minutes, or AC charging in ca. 3 hours.5

Annoyed by boundaries?

So are we. That’s why the smart comes with a powerful range. This opens up so many opportunities and gives you all the freedom you deserve.

How to charge: the freedom of choice

In life, you should always have a choice. And that is especially true for charging electric vehicles. All smart dealerships will provide full details and information regarding home charging to all customers.

Your convenient charging companion

You want to monitor your battery life or check the charging status? Maybe schedule your charging time or spend less on electricity? Your Hello smart App is your all-knowing companion when it comes to charging your smart. Dedicated to giving you a seamless user experience, the Hello smart App is effortless to use and makes charging even more convenient.

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