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Your smart experience is a seamless journey through a range of in-car and mobile App features that keep you connected at every turn.

New: Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ ¹⁴

Enjoy seamless smartphone mirroring in your smart with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™: your maps, media, and messaging apps on your in-car display.

Seamless connectivity: connect your smartphone wirelessly or via cable with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

Personalised convenience: access a range of apps, such as navigation, live traffic updates, messaging, phone, media players, and other supported apps.

Effortless control: initiate voice commands with wake-up words or the steering wheel’s hard button. Available now via the latest over-the-air update: smart OS 1.3.0.

Intelligent navigation

Feel more connected to your route than ever before with intelligent navigation, real-time live traffic monitoring, range on map, and POI information – with in-journey re-routing to local charging stations.

Explore convenient digital modes

Your car seamlessly prepares the cabin to adapt to various scenarios with Parking Comfort mode, Nap mode, Refresh mode and even Pet mode – where you can prepare the cabin for your furry friends when left in the car alone. 

Establish the ultimate digital ecosystem

Enjoy even more variety with in-car third party apps like Spotify® and TuneIn® – as well as further weather and calendar app integrations to complete your connection with your car. Plus, with a variety of in-car games, this digital ecosystem is truly powerful enough to turn your car into an extra living room. 

Connect on a vocal level

With a variety of navigational, media player and vehicle features powered by an AI voice assistant, you can speak to your car’s every need. Just say “Hello smart” and off you go. Your animal avatar also puts a friendly face to the voice.

Never getting tired of your safety

The smart Fatigue Detection uses eye tracking technology to monitor your eyes and fatigue level. As soon as the camera detects driving fatigue, you receive a warning message on the instrument cluster as well as a warning sound. Let’s make nodding off a nightmare of the past.

The companion of your car

With the Hello smart App, it’s easy to stay connected to your car from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, out and about, or on the move — you can stay in-tune with your car’s every need. You just need internet connection on both devices and you're good to go.

Advanced intelligent driving, made safe and sound 

The smart driving experience is all about trusting the instinctive, intelligent features you can truly rely on when you need them most. This includes Autonomous Emerging Braking and even Evasive Manoevre Assist for the safety of you and your passengers.